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former_ai's Journal

Aelita Hopper [OU]
Character: Aelita Hopper
Series/Fandom: Code Lyoko
Original or Alternate: Original
Age: 13
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual, in love with Jeremie Belpois

Aelita is on the short side, standing at around 152 centimeters (about five feet) tall. The first thing that’s noticeable about her is her naturally pink hair which she inherited from her mother. She also has green eyes.
Generally, Aelita wears a dark purple dress with light pink pants and red knee-high boots with two puff balls on each. However, she’s also been known to wear a dark pink jumper dress over a pink long-sleeved shirt with a hood and two dangling puff balls along with dark pink knee-high boots.
Thanks to Belldandy's magic, she now appears as her Lyoko avatar which resembles a pink-haired elf. Her avatar wears a pink form-fitting suit with a transparent skirt and shoulder “pads”. She also has purple, fingerless gloves, a pink spherical earring hanging from her left ear, and a star-shaped “watch” on her right wrist.

Aelita can be a bit naïve due to being ten years out of touch with the rest of the world. She’s very loyal to her friends and loves them like her extended family. Usually, she’s very relaxed and just enjoys the world that goes on around her since she missed so much of it during her stay in the supercomputer. She’s also generally polite and friendly to the people around her. After having such a terrible enemy as XANA, she wants to be friends more than enemies with people. At the same time, she possesses a sort of quiet courage so that when things do reach the boiling point, she doesn’t back down from a fight.

On the other side of the coin, Aelita’s a fierce fighter whether it’s a physical or verbal argument. She’s also very stubborn, particularly when she believes she’s right. She can also get very frustrated when others (particularly Jeremie) are overprotective of her. There are times when she’ll be unnecessarily harsh when joking around, leading to hurt feelings though it isn’t her intention and she doesn’t always realize when she’s done it. She also continues to mourn for her father though she constantly tries to focus on the present rather than her lost past.

On Earth, Aelita is a talented DJ, good enough to perform with the popular music group the Subdigitals. She might also be able to play the piano since her father taught her when she was a little girl, but it’s debatable whether or not she still has any real skill with it. She’s also a computer whiz, helping Jeremie build the Skidbladnir along with rebuilding Lyoko after it was destroyed by XANA. She’s one of the only people who can work the supercomputer without any problems but she’s not as skilled as Jeremie.

Now that she's back as her Lyoko avatar, Aelita can recreate the landscape by giving up fifty life points draining half her power, changing the battlefield to aid her and her friends in such ways as creating barriers or even removing the ground from beneath an enemy’s feet. She can produce clones of herself, but they lack free will and generally move only in straight lines. She also possesses the ability to shoot balls of pink energy from her hands that can destroy one of XANA’s monsters on contact or press two energy balls together to create a shield between them though the shield is limited in size and requires precision to use. In addition, Aelita is the pilot of the Skidbladnir. By pressing or swiping her hand over the star on her wrist, she receives a pair of angel wings formed from pink energy so that she can fly without the use of one of the vehicles. Her main power, however, is access to the towers, allowing her to access Lyoko’s data directly, shut down a tower (using the code “LYOKO”), or even destroy entire sectors (using the code “XANA” but she generally only used it while possessed by the evil AI). This last power she has used once on Earth before, allowing her to hack open an electronic lock to a secured laboratory.

Aelita feels sorrow over the loss of her father and decided to put her past behind her, but there are times when the past will haunt her, usually during her sleep. She also has a tendency to get snappish when frustrated. Her stubborn streak can hinder her ability to compromise with others when she believes she’s right and she can hold a grudge when she wants to. She also can get frustrated and annoyed when someone (namely Jeremie) is being overprotective.

On Lyoko, she cannot use her “Creativity” power very often since it will end up draining her life points completely, causing her to be devirtualized which since she's no longer in virtual form has the potential of killing her. Also, her energy wings can be easily destroyed.

Notable Possessions: Her Lyoko avatar possesses a star-shaped “watch” on her right wrist that can provide her with a set of energy wings.

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Housing: Nyi-Pente
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